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Tuesday 5 September 2017

Things to Consider When Making Catfish Feed Formulation

Catfish feed formulation is very important thing to consider by every farmer if they want the fish to get great growth. Do not forget that the catfish feed is taken more than half of your production cost percentage. Thus you should ensure that the feed formulation is effective for the catfish growth so you can get high benefits from your spending. Furthermore the catfish cannot get other feed source in your farm, thus you should ensure they get enough food which will give all of the nutrition that they need. It can be consider as crucial thing in your business which you should consider carefully.

What to Consider while Deciding Catfish Feed Formulation?If you want to create your own catfish feed formulation, then there are many things to consider. These things will be able to guide you to create formulation which is more suitable for your farm thus you will gain more profits.
1.      Nutrition content
Remember that your catfish need many kinds of nutrition for them to grow. This is why you should learn about nutrition content that each ingredient has so you will know which nutrition that the catfish need from their feed. Remember that each stage of catfish life cycle will need different kind of nutrition in their feed, thus you should consider the feed formulation carefully on each of their life cycle. You can try to calculate nutrition that the catfish will gain from the food manually by their protein, fat and energy content.
2.      Toxic content
Another thing that is very important to know is that there are some ingredients which has toxic content thus it is better to not use them in your catfish feed formulation even though they might also has high nutritional content. For example the GNC as The catfish feed ingredient is able to increase the aflatoxin growth percentage which is very toxic. Even though it is not a huge concern for your catfish, but it is still better to carefully consider whether you really want to use it or not.
3.      Availability in the market
Once you already know which ingredients that you want for your catfish feed, you should also see it's availability in the market. Especially since some of the ingredient that you choose might not available in your local market. You might be able to get the ingredient elsewhere, but remember that it will also increase your production cost. That is why, sometimes it is better to replace the ingredient which is not available at the moment with other ingredient which currently available in the market.
4.      Feed palatability
When making the catfish feed formulation you should also consider about the feed palatability which will highly affected by its ingredient. You should know that catfish also have their own preference when it comes to their feed. Thus you should make sure that the ingredients are good enough for them to eat. For example GNC ingredient is actually have better aroma and flavor that the catfish will like more on their feed compared to bernseed which can be use to substitute it.
5.      Ingredient benefit compared to cost
Before deciding which ingredient to use in the catfish feed formulation, you should also compare the benefits that you can get from each ingredient then compare it to the cost that you need to spend to get that ingredient. For example when comparing the benefits that you can get from the use of fish meal or local fish as ingredient to the cost that you need to spend to get that ingredient. As you know fish meal has a lot of benefits but it also has high price, meanwhile local fish is cheaper in price and the nutrition content is not that much less from fish meal.
6.      Technology
Do not forget that you might need several advanced technology to be able to process specific ingredient before it can be use to make the catfish feed. Furthermore if the nutrition inside the ingredient will be lost during catfish feed processing method, then it will be better not to use that ingredient since it will be wasted since there would be no nutrition left after the process.
Remember to consider your catfish feed formulation carefully and change the formulation each time along with the catfish nutrition need.

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