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Tuesday 5 September 2017

Using Frozen Cat Fish Ingredient for BBQ Party Menu Variation

If you want to have a BBQ party, then you might want to try purchasing frozen cat fish product. Especially if you often do the BBQ party with the same people every weekend, surely it will be boring to eat the same thing every weekend. That is why; you might want to add more menus on your BBQ party thus your friends and family will have different menu to eat at the party. Cat fish meat is quite delicious to eat, thus you might want to try having this meat as an alternative menu on your BBQ party.

BBQ Party Menu Variation with Frozen Cat Fish
If you have not try to eat from frozen cat fish product before and only eat it at the restaurant that provide cat fish dishes, then you might wonder about this product. Actually the restaurant that provide cat fish dishes might also use this frozen product as the ingredient for their restaurant menu. Thus you should not have to worry since many people actually use this product whether commercially or personally at their own home. But if you want to know more information about this product, then we can discuss how the product is made on the factory.
First of all, the factory that creates frozen cat fish product usually also has their own farm. Thus they do not need to purchase the cat fish from anywhere else. In their farm, they are able to select their own breeding fish to lay the eggs thus the eggs itself will have high quality from the start. These eggs will then be hatched in special case which will grow the sac fry that coming out from the egg. Then they will grow again into fingerling which mean they are ready to be put on the pond which will be use to grow them even bigger.
Since the pond is large thus the fingerling is able to grow to be bigger to be around five and even seven inches large. But of course, it will need around one year to two years time for them to grow that large. In this pond, the fingerling will be feed by using special feed which will float on the surface of the pond. By using this special feed, the fish weight can be arranged to be around one until two and a half pound large. Furthermore this special feed will make the cat fish meat have the delicious flavor that you love.
On the harvest time, the factory will use large seines surrounding the pond which will then gather all of the cat fish into one area inside the pond. Then they will take all of those cat fish from the pond using net which carried by crane to the tank that already put behind a big size truck. This truck will then bring the fish into the frozen cat fish factory to be further process.
In the factory, the fish that arrived will be weighted to know the total harvest that they get from the farm. Afterwards the fish will be inserted into a machine which will grade and separate the fish based on their sizes and weight.
Then the fish will be cleaned from all of unused part before making the product. This does not take too much time since cat fish does not have any scale, thus the cleaning process will be faster. Afterwards to make the frozen cat fish product, they will need to put the fish meat into the cutting line. Inside this line the fish meat will be cut into suitable sizes and weight specific for each product. Then each product will be packed using vacuum packed so it will be ready for the last process later on.
Then the last process needed is only to freeze the cat fish meat which already cut before. The freezing process will use super cold temperature to ensure that the cat fish meat will be completely frozen so it can be preserved. With this process, then the product is ready to be delivered to the distribution place where you purchase the product later on. As you can see, the product can have high quality since it is made using trustable process. so you should not have to worry when using the frozen cat fish product.

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