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Tuesday 5 September 2017

Mackerel Fish Sea Food Nutrition Comparison

Mackerel fish sea food and Salmon both brings a great value of nutrition facts. This is not a secret that these fish provides good nutrients for body including protein, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Mackerel and salmon are nice to be eaten either fresh or canned. Canned mackerel easier to be found at grocery stores with affordable prices and it can be mixed with other dishes as well. Indeed that when we talking about the amount of nutrition like omega 3 and vitamin D, Salmon does have higher numbers than mackerel. But still, mackerel is a type of fish that need to be considered to try as a sea food, not to mention if you are sushi lovers, you really need to have it!

Mackerel fish sea food nutrition compared to salmon
-          Omega 3 fatty acids
First is about the omega 3 fatty acids which offer nice dietary sources since it brings DHA and EPA or known as eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. According to the DHA/EPA Omega-3 Institute, a 100 gr serving of mackerel (either jack or Pacific type) provides about 1.84 gr of DHA and EPA combined while according to the DHA/EPA Omega-3 Institutewith the same serving of salmon, it provides 2.15 gr and thus salmon has higher level of omega 3 fatty acids. However both of them still a good source of this fat.
-          Vitamin D
Oily fish like tuna, sardines, mackerel, and salmon offers fantastic dietary sources of vitamin D. Meanwhile, note from National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements mentioned that food sources of vitamin D are rare and the optimal source for human to get this good vitamin is sunlight. That’s why eating mackerel fish sea food Indonesia at least help you to get vitamin D intake every day especially if you do not have time to sunbathe in the morning. 3 oz of mackerel fish provides 97 percent of recommended vitamin D body intake while with similar amount of serving, salmon provides 112 percent. In conclusion, you can choose either mackerel or salmon meals to get your vitamin D intake with moderate consumption each week.
In addition, fresh and canned mackerel fish sea food as well as salmon contains a high quality protein just like any other fishes. This protein helps to improve your body function and help to build muscles especially for those who in bodybuilding exercise.
Health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D
When you provide adequate amount of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D for your body, then it will boost your immune and positively brings numerous health conditions. Mackerel fish sea food if eaten in good amount of servings can help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Omega 3 fatty acids related to cardiovascular health by boosting HDL cholesterol which often referred as good cholesterol in your blood thanks to its DHA and EPA contents. In addition, the fats can reduce inflammation plus decrease blood pressure and according to University of Maryland Medical Center, it helps to minimize developing age-related macular degeneration risk which usually happens for people aged 50 years old and above.
Some cautions about mackerel fish sea food
There are some cautions that need to be said about mackerel fish and in fact just like tuna or sardines or salmon, this fish contains pollutant namely mercury which is some concern for body health. Mackerel itself brings higher number of mercury level compared to the other species of sea fishes. For example, one type of mackerel called King Mackerel need to be avoided as much as possible because they contain a good deal of methyl mercury. This type of mackerel is a large predatory fish that can be found in South Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. That’s why it is better to pick smaller size of mackerel if you do not want to excess eaten mercury. After all there is other different types of mackerel can be found at fish markets or in a form of canned mackerel, just read the can labels when you want to buy canned fish product like Jakarta mackerel fish sea food or from other imported canned fish products in your country. Hope this information helps you to understand more about mackerel and salmon fish before eating them.

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