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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Catfish Supplier London for Supermarket Product Supply

As a supermarket owner, you might want to get in touch with catfish supplier London so you can give more fish product to your customer. Especially since many people now prefers to eat fish product than other kinds of meat since it is considered to be healthier. Of course, when people eat plenty of fish products every day, then they do not want to eat the same kind of product every day. That is why you should give them more fish product variation to your customer so your customer can come every day but still have different fish product variation to purchase.
Supermarket Selling Product from Catfish Supplier London
One fish product variation that many of your customers love is catfish product. This product is delicious and quite versatile thus your customer will be able to create many kinds of dish using them. However, you should also able to ensure that your customer can get the best catfish product on your supermarket. That is why you should know how your supplier makes their product before being sent into your supermarket. Now let us see the process that is done on their factory to create the product before they will send it into your supermarket.
If you wonder, where the catfish supplier London factory get their product from, then do not worry too much since they have their own fish farm to grow their own catfish. They will use eggs from special breeding catfish which will lay its eggs on special container. Then those eggs will be taken by the worker out from the container and put into the hatchery so it can hatch to be sac fry. The sac fry will stay inside this place for several duration until they grow into little fingerling. When they grow into this next step, it means that the catfish is ready to be move into the growing pond so they can grow even bigger. Sometimes they can grow to be as big as seven inches in size.
The little fingerling which moved into the growing pond by the catfish supplier London workers will be feed using floating type of feed. This feed is customized so the catfish meat will have certain taste that everyone loves. Usually, it will take around one and a half year until two year for the little fingerling to grow into catfish. When they have grown into catfish, they will have around two pounds of weight. This weight is the suitable weight which good to be harvest and turns into catfish product on the factory.
To harvest it, the worker will use seines around the growing pond area to collect the catfish in one area. Then big size crane will be use to take the net along with the catfish inside. Then the catfish will be dump on a tank which carried by big size truck. This truck is the one that will carry the catfish along with its tank into the seines catfish supplier London factory to be processed further.
In the factory, different worker will clean each catfish to remove unusable parts of the fish before being processed further. Afterwards the fish will be put on the cutting line where they will cut the fish into suitable sizes and weight to be made into catfish product that you can sell on your supermarket. Actually, you can also request for the factory to create the catfish product with specific sizes and weight that you want to sell on your supermarket. Surely you already know which product specification that your supermarket customer loves more, thus you can order it from catfish supplier London.
Last is the packaging process of the catfish products that the factory created before. They will use vacuum packaging to protect the product that they create so there is nothing that can contaminate it. Furthermore they will also freeze the product in super cold temperature to keep the product from getting spoiled. Then this product is ready to be send into your supermarket location and all over the world. Those are all the things that the supplier done to create catfish product for your supermarket. As you can see, they really create their product carefully, so you can sell the best product you get from catfish supplier London easily in your supermarket.

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