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Tuesday 5 September 2017

Frozen Catfish Used as Dinner Menu Ingredient at Home

Having trouble deciding your dinner menu ingredient, then you might want to try using frozen catfish to make different dishes. This frozen product is another product that you should try, especially when you already used other kind of frozen product before. Not all frozen product are made from beef or chicken meat, in fact there are many fish meat used in the frozen product section. So if you want to have some change in your dinner menu, then you might want to try using this catfish meat. That way, you will have new menu that you can eat during dinner.

Making the Frozen Catfish Product before You can Use it
Do not worry since frozen catfish meat is actually very delicious, thus you can create many kinds of dishes for your dinner. Plus the product usually has high quality since the process used to make the product is greatly controlled. So you can eat this product without worry. But if you really want to know more information about this product before using it as ingredient for your dinner menu, then you might want to know more about the process used to create this product. As well as the reason why this product can have high quality when produced using this process.
One of the reasons why this product can have high quality when produced by the factory is because they grow the catfish from the start. Thus they do not get the catfish from other producer which may lower the quality of the catfish that they have. Furthermore they can even choose the catfish breed that they want to lay the eggs which they will grow later on. That egg will be hatched inside special area which already controlled to ensure the sac fry which comes out from the egg will have good quality since later it will be use to create the frozen catfish product.
Inside this controlled area, the fish will then grow into fingerling stage which is good enough to be put inside the pond area for further growing. This pond area is big enough to keep the fish since later the fish size will be bigger. Each of them can even grow around five until seven inches in size. But of course, they will need to take several times to be able to grow that big from the current condition which may take around one and a half year to two year long.
To make the fingerling grow into big catfish, they will be feed using controlled feeding which will be floating on the surface of the pond area. This will make the fish swim up to the surface thus the worker can see the growth. When the worker can see that the fish have around one until two pound weight, then it is time for the catfish to be harvested. To do that, the worker will use seines to gather around the catfish then they will be taken from the pond area using net and crane to roll the net filled with catfish. Then the crane will dump the catfish into the tank which ready to take the fish to the factory area which will create the frozen catfish product.
In the factory area, the catfish will first be weighted since they want to know the total harvest that they get. Then they will separate the fish according to the sizing that they want for their end product. Now the fish is ready to be clean before it can be use to make the frozen catfish product. After all the fish is cleaned, then it will be cut according to the product specification which means the product is made in this step. After they are cut, then the meat is ready for packaging which is important to keep the meat clean.
Lastly the packed meat will be freeze to preserve the meat from getting spoiled since they will need some times before you will consume it. Now the frozen product is ready for delivery to the place where you purchase it. As you can see, all of the procedure that the factory done to create the frozen catfish product are all controlled perfectly to ensure the quality of the product that they create. That is why you should try to use this product to make dinner.

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