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Tuesday 5 September 2017

Best Recipe for Catfish Fillets Fried with Crawfish Sauce

For you who search the best recipe for catfish fillets then you have come to the right place since you will find it here. Many people search for recipe to create the best dishes to be served to guest that comes to their house. You will surely do the same thing that many people do when there are several guests that want to come and dine at your house. Surely you want to serve the best dishes to your guest, but still think about the nutrition that your guest will get when they eat the dish in your house.

Learn the Best Recipe for Catfish FilletsOne of the best dishes that you can serve to your guest is catfish fillets. Not only that this food fish is delicious but it also has a lot of nutrition that your guest can get when they eat the dish. Surely your guest will love to eat the dishes which made from this food fish especially when they know the benefits of eating catfish fillets. But then again you should also remember to cook the dish so it will be more suitable to be served to your guest. That is why we will give you this best recipe for catfish fillets that you can make for your guest.
Fried Catfish Fillets and Crawfish Sauce
Sauce ingredient:
-          Butter 5 tbsp
-          Onion diced ¾ cup
-          Bell pepper diced ¾ cup
-          Garlic minced ¼ tbsp
-          Flour 5 tbsp
-          Sugar 1 tbsp
-          Chicken base ¾ tbsp
-          Crab base ¾ tbsp
-          Granulated garlic ¼ tbsp
-          Dried basil 1/8 tbsp
-          Black pepper 1/8 tbsp
-          Cayenne pepper 1/8 tbsp
-          Thyme 1 pinch
-          Milk 3 cup
-          White wine ¼ cup
-          Cubed American cheese 4 ounce
-          Crawfish tail peeled 1 pound
-          Green onion sliced 2 tbsp
Fried catfish fillets ingredient for making best recipe for catfish fillets:
-          Catfish fillets 2 pcs around 4 ounce
-          Creole seasoning
-          Eggs 2 pcs
-          Milk 2 cups
-          Flour 2 cups
-          Cornmeal 2 cups
-          Cottonseed oil
Cooking direction for the sauce:
1.      Use a skillet that has heavy bottom, then put it on top of medium heat. Add the butter so it will melt, then add peppers, garlic, and onion then sauté them until all of them wilted.
2.      Put the flour inside, and then stir them so it will become brown roux which takes around two minutes.
3.      Add inside some of the ingredients such as sugar, thyme, crab base, chicken base, basil, granulated garlic, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.
4.      Pour in wine and milk then cook it using medium heat, wait around six minutes while stirring it so the milk with be thicken when making this best recipe for catfish fillets .
5.      Put inside the cheeses, then stirring it all until it melts and blends together with the sauce.
6.      Put inside the crawfish tail then cook it until the entire ingredient heated which takes around 4 minutes to do it.
7.      Take them out then put the green onion inside right before you serve the dish.
Cooking direction for the fried catfish fillets:
1.      Take the catfish fillets then sprinkle the Creole seasoning on the surface of the fillets, flip once then sprinkle again the Creole seasoning on the second surface.
2.      Take a small size bowl, add the eggs then beat it before adding in the milk then mix it well lightly.
3.      Take the seasoned catfish fillets then coat it using flour on both sides.
4.      Dip the catfish fillets on the egg mixture to make this best recipe for catfish fillets .
5.      Put the catfish fillets on the cornmeal and coat the surface evenly, flip it once then coat the other surface again.
6.      Take a large size skillet; pour in the oil then pre heat it until it reached 350 degree Fahrenheit.
7.      Put inside the catfish fillets then fry it until the color turn to be golden brown which takes around 7 until 8 minutes.
With all of those steps we mention above, you can make the best recipe for catfish fillets that you can serve to your guest that come to dine at your house.

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